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Affordable One-on-One Tutoring

With Academic All Star Tutoring your child will receive one-on-one tutoring in your home. We tutor all grades K-12. We do not have any contracts or testing fees and our rates are reasonable and affordable! Whether your child attends public or private school or is being home schooled, we can help!

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2020-21 School Year

We are here to help support your family this school year!

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In Person Tutoring

Instead of driving to a learning center to work with a tutor in a small group, our tutors come right to your home.

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Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great option for many families. The student and tutor interact live while using amazing technology.

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We know parenting can be a challenge.
Supporting and helping your child is your #1 priority. Academics are important. Self worth is huge.
You may feel overwhelmed. You may feel defeated.
Your child is so much more than a diagnosis or test score. Your child needs you to be an advocate, and #1 fan.
We are here to help guide you.
You are not alone. We will educate and equip you, and ultimately your child, for the journey.
Join our group classes. Seek our individual support. Take advantage of our services.
Your child will benefit. Your stress level will decrease.
Our Services

There is so much more to managing a child/teen with ADHD than a diagnosis. Our ADHD Parenting Path series is an excellent resource. Not to mention our individual coaching, as well as our highly supportive membership group.

PrepStar ACT classes have an outstanding reputation in the Twin Cities area. Our excellent staff guide students on essential content and implement effective strategies. Students also take essential practice tests. We also offer individual test prep.

We come beside families seeking additional support to help their child thrive in school. Our Mindprint Cognitive Assessment will help everyone understand how a child learns best.
We also offer IEP/504 plan insight and advocacy.


Professional Dedicated

Our tutors have a minimum or two years experience teaching and/or tutoring one-on-one. We work on academic achievement as well as attitudes toward learning. We promote self-esteem and confidence. Our tutors are reliable and will find out what motivates your child to succeed and do their best in school!

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Meet Molly

Molly started her passion for education and children at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, and continued to get her Master’s in Education at Aurora University in Illinois. She greatly enjoyed teaching and coaching at the high school level. Most recently, Molly has dedicated her efforts into helping those impacted by ADHD by becoming an ADHD parent coach. Molly understands many perspectives from both her professional and personal experience.


Teacher. Parent. Advocate.

We connected with Molly at Academic All Star Services to review options for ACT testing and tools. The Mindprint cognitive test was offered as a tool to see how my son learns best. This assessment provided valuable insight in what tools and methods are his strengths and how to use those strengths to compensate for other areas. This will help him in school, college, and many other applications in life. I am so happy that this was offered as it really was an eye opener. Molly has also been great to work with through the process.
Kari Walock
Kari Walock
January 12, 2022.
Molly and team have so many tips and resources for our whole family. Our children both have ADHD but have different areas of need; at Academic All Star careful time is taken to provide each of our children with a tailored approach to long term success.
Andrea Koch
Andrea Koch
January 7, 2022.
The team at Academic All Star Services is AMAZING! They are kind and so helpful. Their knowledge with ADHD support is life-changing for both kids and parents. If your kids struggle, or you think they might be, one phone call to them could change your life.
Courtney Wiest
Courtney Wiest
October 21, 2021.
Molly is provides great support, knowledge, and feedback with ADHD. She has given my family some wonderful tools to use to improve all of our lives and communication. Thank you!
Brittney Jackson
Brittney Jackson
October 20, 2021.
Academic All Star Tutoring services immensely helped my daughter this year. The cognitive assessment was extremely insightful and gave us awareness on how to build on her innate strengths. Molly was great to work with and we were matched with a tutor that supported my daughter with the areas she needed. Not only did her grades improve, but she gained the much needed confidence as she transitions into her post secondary education. I highly recommend Molly and her team.
Marie Geis
Marie Geis
June 7, 2021.
Thank you Academic All Start Tutoring Team! At first, our 5th Grader was resistant to the idea of tutoring. Not because he didn't want a tutor but because his school day is long as it is...but then he met Erika and all that changed! He said, "Mom, that was actually fun!" So there you have it - first, it's all about relationship and trust and then the work gets done! Kudos to you and your team! He's only two sessions in and he feels a strong sense of ownership over the work he is doing!
Amy VanValkenburg
Amy VanValkenburg
April 28, 2021.
We used Academic All Star Tutoring for our high school son, to help review Spanish I in preparation for Spanish II. We were very impressed with his tutor and the staff at Academic All Star Tutoring. Their communication was great, keeping us in the loop on what was worked on for each session, his progress and reminding us of our appointments. We can't say enough great things about our experience.
Linda Pacel
Linda Pacel
January 29, 2021.
We have had the privilege to work with Academic All Star Tutoring for several years! Molly, along with the tutors have all been so incredible to work with.They have made such a difference in my son's confidence and have helped him with his grades significantly from middle level through college. I would highly recommend them you won't regret it!
Amy Brown
Amy Brown
January 5, 2021.
Molly is a consummate professional whose knowledge of tutoring, ACT testing and other supplemental educational services are second to none. I have worked with Molly on several projects related to education and I would refer her without hesitation to any family or organization in need of an agency that truly is committed to delivering top-notch tutoring, test-taking skills and prep.
Laurie S Hurley
Laurie S Hurley
July 15, 2020.
My son completed the cognitive assessment to help determine whether the ACT or SAT would be a better choice for him. Molly explained things in a way that was easy to follow and gave him many tools to use to perform better in school and college. It was definitely worth the time and money. I wish my older son would have used the same assessment in high school.
Debora Karpfinger
Debora Karpfinger
June 1, 2020.
Our ADHD Membership Group!
ADHD Parenting Path

Having a child/teen diagnosed with ADHD can feel overwhelming. This supportive and informative group will give you the tools and a sense of community, so you do not feel alone.



Molly Perry, an ADHD parent coach, will facilitate the group. And, the connection to other parents on the same journey will be invaluable.

We have a variety of classes to help educate and equip you with information regarding to ADHD. Our services page has more detailed information on each session.

  • Top 10 Strategies
  • Beyond the Diagnosis
  • Tactical Hacks for Home
  • Tactical Hacks for School
  • ADHD & Emotional Dysregulation
  • Both in-person and online.

While many colleges have gone to Test Optional, it can still be beneficial for a student to add a strong ACT® score to an academic resume. We have engaging ACT® experts leading the in-person classes. We have two types of classes to accommodate student needs :

  • PrepStar Blast
  • PrepStar Premium

Both classes utilize our ACT® scoring center that generates a 9 page score report.

January 2022

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  • ACT ONLINE: ACT Practice Test
  • ADHD ONLINE: Top 10 Strategies
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