I have learned so much from parents over the years.

I recall a conversation with a mom several years ago that has always stuck with me.

Her son’s school was concerned about how his ADHD was impacting his learning and behavior at school. They were encouraging her to try medication to help manage the symptoms. 💊

She did something unusual instead.

Mom and son went for a 3-mile run every day.  EverySingleDay. 😳

This routine had a significant impact and everyone noticed, including her young son. GO MOM!

With children sitting more than ever, both at home and at school, parents need to engage their children in physical activity.  It doesn’t have to mean running 3 miles with your child!

Some great activities include: 

While a variety of activities may be good for the ADHD brain always seeking novelty.  The consistency of doing it daily is more important both for the benefits, as well establishing a routine for the ADHD brain. 🧠

👇  🚨 READ THIS! 🚨 👇 
Studies show that consistent physical activity reduces the symptoms of ADHD. It can lessen the need for medication at all for some children, as well as reduce the dosage.  (Read the Study Here)

Check out this video to understand the importance on exercise with the neurochemicals in the brain. That part is mainly covered from minute 1 to 3


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