Let’s talk about ADHD and girls. Oftentimes, girls with ADHD take longer to get diagnosed. They may not get diagnosed until their teen years or later.  WHY?

Many girls with ADHD have the inattentive type, so there are not all sorts of alarms going off, such as blurting out answers in class and moving constantly. In other words, they fly under the radar because they may be viewed as a day dreamer or quiet. 💭

They may have issues with paying attention or forgetting to do daily tasks such as chores or even brushing their teeth. 🪥 🦷 People think instead that this girl is spacey or flighty.

Yet, there certainly are girls with either the hyperactive or combined type of ADHD.

The hyperactive and impulsive symptoms which usually are more obvious which helps them get diagnosed at an earlier age.

While our MindPrint Assessment cannot diagnosis ADHD it can be a great screener to give an indication of executive function issues, including attention. And, it also looks for the ways that your child’s brain learns best. 🧠
If you are interested in our MindPrint Assessment, you can click here.

Don’t forget that Molly, a certified ADHD parent coach, is available for private sessions to help troubleshoot areas of concern.  She fully understands the importance of equipping parents with the right tools to help children thrive.

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