How To Keep Some Structure During The Summer

With the school year winding down, the day-to-day life of kids and families will certainly change.  While we know that there will be opportunities for families to take vacations and do some staycations, it is the typical summer days that can sometimes be a challenge. 😅 While it is tempting to scratch having a schedule in […]

ADHD Books For You & Your Child To Read This Summer!

Summer is here! 🌴  It wasn’t the best of spring, so let’s hope the summer weather will be well worth the wait. While we know that summer is often busy, it can also be a great time to do some reading both for you and your children. 📚 We thought it would be a great time to share […]

Understanding ADHD and Sleep

Children’s mental health is a significant concern for many parents, schools and society at large. We also know that children with ADHD are more prone to both anxiety and depression than neurotypical children. Unfortunately, sleep issues can also be part of having ADHD.  Not a good combination. We could probably make a long list of factors contributing to the […]

ADHD and Hyperfocusing

“When he is on the X-box, I can talk to him and he doesn’t even hear me!” 🎮 “She can color for hours, but can’t sit still at the dinner table. I don’t get it.” 🖍 “He is obsessed with dinosaurs.  He can read for hours about them, but won’t do homework.” 🦖 Hyperfocus is not an […]

A Simple ADHD Tip That May Just Help You & Your Child!

I have learned so much from parents over the years. I recall a conversation with a mom several years ago that has always stuck with me. Her son’s school was concerned about how his ADHD was impacting his learning and behavior at school. They were encouraging her to try medication to help manage the symptoms. 💊 She […]

ADHD and Girls

Let’s talk about ADHD and girls. Oftentimes, girls with ADHD take longer to get diagnosed. They may not get diagnosed until their teen years or later.  WHY? Many girls with ADHD have the inattentive type, so there are not all sorts of alarms going off, such as blurting out answers in class and moving constantly. In other words, […]