MindPrint Cognitive Assessment​

Finally, a test that matters!

Every parent wants to do what is best for their child.
With MindPrint insight, you will.
Developed by neuroscientists at Penn Medicine and the National Institute of Mental Health, the MindPrint Cognitive Assessment measures 10 essential cognitive and executive functions including working memory, complex reasoning, flexible thinking, and processing speed. These cognitive skills are essential for learning across all subjects and all grades.

MindPrint can provide valuable insight

  • If you find your child’s grades perplexing


  • if you wonder if they are living up to potential


  • if you think they might have a learning difference


  • if you just want to know everything you can to help your child succeed

How does it work?


Quiet Space

Prepare an optimal testing environment with a clean, well-lit desk and fully charged computer, laptop or tablet


One Hour

Choose a 1-hour time slot where your child is well-rested and won’t have any external distractions.


Review Results

Schedule a time  to review the results with Molly Perry, our MindPrint Specialist.


Take Action

Share MindPrint with the adults who can have the greatest impact on your child’s success.


Your child’s age and needs will determine who at your child’s school can best help you use your MindPrint results.

♦ Classroom Teachers

Share the MindPrint Profile so teachers understand their needs and can more easily help your child succeed


♦ Gifted Coordinator

Include the results in your child’s application to demonstrate their full capabilities

♦ Learning Specialist/Student Support
Meet and discuss the MindPrint Profile to see if your child might benefit from accommodations

♦ School Counselor
Inform discussions about your child’s natural strength and best potential college and career fit

Amazing Results!

Check out a review that shows you just how help the MindPrint assessment can be for you and your family!

"Molly is brilliant, knowledgeable, thorough, helpful, empathetic and kind. I cannot say enough good things about MindPrint & Molly and the process my son went through in working through his ADHD assessment and process mapping. It has been emotionally draining prior to working with Molly. We have hope again! She takes a full person approach, which I appreciate and my son has a renewed confidence I haven't seen in years. Shout out to AASS and Molly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
I highly recommend this service for parents on the ADHD journey with their kids! I attended a ADHD parenting class with Molly and then a private parent consultation with her a few days later. Both sessions were extremely helpful in giving me background information to understand our situation, specific tips and tools to use to improve our situation and guidance on where and how to find more resources including connecting with other families on this journey. My worried/confused mind was put at ease after connecting with Molly through these sessions and I feel empowered to help my family navigate this journey knowing that there is ongoing help available to us as we need it.
Tami LaBree
Tami LaBree
February 25, 2022.
Molly is very knowledgeable about ADHD. My husband I learned a lot from her seminars as well as 1:1 consultation. She shared information in a very relatable way and had strategic ideas about how best to support our child.
Dana Brink
Dana Brink
February 17, 2022.
Molly is awesome and so is the Mindprint .Highly recommend her and her knowledge and services. She does not disappoint.
Angie S
Angie S
February 8, 2022.
We attended a class taught by Molly of Academic All Star Services, and also had a one-to-one consultation session. She is a wealth of information and we are so glad we found her. She has great suggestions and ideas for us, as parents of an ADHD kiddo, to provide the structure and support at home. We definitely plan to continue using her services!
Jessica Kuenzli
Jessica Kuenzli
February 1, 2022.
We connected with Molly at Academic All Star Services to review options for ACT testing and tools. The Mindprint cognitive test was offered as a tool to see how my son learns best. This assessment provided valuable insight in what tools and methods are his strengths and how to use those strengths to compensate for other areas. This will help him in school, college, and many other applications in life. I am so happy that this was offered as it really was an eye opener. Molly has also been great to work with through the process.
Kari Walock
Kari Walock
January 12, 2022.
Molly and team have so many tips and resources for our whole family. Our children both have ADHD but have different areas of need; at Academic All Star careful time is taken to provide each of our children with a tailored approach to long term success.
Andrea Koch
Andrea Koch
January 7, 2022.
The team at Academic All Star Services is AMAZING! They are kind and so helpful. Their knowledge with ADHD support is life-changing for both kids and parents. If your kids struggle, or you think they might be, one phone call to them could change your life.
Courtney Wiest
Courtney Wiest
October 21, 2021.
Molly is provides great support, knowledge, and feedback with ADHD. She has given my family some wonderful tools to use to improve all of our lives and communication. Thank you!
Brittney Jackson
Brittney Jackson
October 20, 2021.
Academic All Star Tutoring services immensely helped my daughter this year. The cognitive assessment was extremely insightful and gave us awareness on how to build on her innate strengths. Molly was great to work with and we were matched with a tutor that supported my daughter with the areas she needed. Not only did her grades improve, but she gained the much needed confidence as she transitions into her post secondary education. I highly recommend Molly and her team.
Marie Geis
Marie Geis
June 7, 2021.
Thank you Academic All Start Tutoring Team! At first, our 5th Grader was resistant to the idea of tutoring. Not because he didn't want a tutor but because his school day is long as it is...but then he met Erika and all that changed! He said, "Mom, that was actually fun!" So there you have it - first, it's all about relationship and trust and then the work gets done! Kudos to you and your team! He's only two sessions in and he feels a strong sense of ownership over the work he is doing!
Amy VanValkenburg
Amy VanValkenburg
April 28, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the MindPrint Learning Assessment is not a substitute for neuropsychological or psychoeducational testing, it certainly a strong option to get a lifetime of insight into your child.  MindPrint gives parents the choice of utilizing their precious time and money to put towards supporting their child in a timely manner.





MindPrint Assessment

Only $199

Immediate availability

Results and follow-up within 2 days

Done at child’s home offering both comfort and privacy.

Neuropsych/Psychoed Assessments


6+ months to schedule

2+ months to complete testing and follow-up

Often multiple appointments in a clinical setting

Students, ages 8 to 21, looking to take the assessment should meet the following criteria:

  • Reading English at or above a 2nd grade level
  • Able to follow simple, multi-step instructions independently
  • Comfortable using a laptop or tablet
  • Able to read a computer screen independently

Most school tests assess academic skills and achievement, which focus on WHAT a student know. Cognitive skills focus on HOW a student learns, understands and recalls information. All children deserve the opportunity to understand how they learn best, and MindPrint shows them by testing the skills that allow them to learn across all subjects.

Unlike school achievement tests, students are not tested on reading or math.  Instead, students are taken through a series of computerized, adaptive activities.  Many students remark that the assessment is a series of puzzles and it is fun to do! There is nothing that children need to do to prepare for the test. 

  1. Register student for assessment
  2. Instructions emailed to parent
  3. Student takes assessment at home
  4. Report generated within 48 hours
  5. Zoom meeting with Molly Perry, our MindPrint specialist to go over report and tools.
  6. Report shared with stakeholders, such as teachers, specialists, tutors, etc…
  7. Access to report for a year with the option to extend

Absolutely not!  Most students would only find value in taking the assessment every 3 years.  However, if a student has started a medication that may impact learning, such as an ADHD medication, then doing an updated assessment can be done in approximately a year.

Absolutely! MindPrint can help all students, whether they are in public, private or homeschool. Homeschool parents can use this assessment to help choose the best curriculum based on a child’s cognitive strengths, as well as choose projects that will be a good fit for in-depth learning. It also gives homeschool students greater self-awareness of how they learn best, leading to more self-reliance. Contact us to learn more about our homeschool co-op discount.

Every students deserves to know how they can learn best. We can work with schools and teachers to help their students to succeed. Additionally, we can help school districts close the achievement gap, retain high quality teachers and help students do better on a variety of achievement tests. Contact Molly at molly@mindprintlearning.com today!

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