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“I just wanted to share with you that Jillian earned a 5 on her AP Calc exam!!! She couldn’t have done it without Nathan’s help. Thank you so much for connecting her with an excellent tutor! If you need a recommendation or review, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Hope you are having a great summer”


“Molly Perry and her team at Academic All Star Tutoring has been the best choice we have ever made. Molly took the time to find a perfect match and it has raised not only our daughters grades but also her confidence. It is individualized learning, flexible scheduling and all around the best money spent – hands down! Leighann is not only a great tutor, she has become part of our family. THANK YOU Molly & Academic All Star Tutoring”

– Karie B. (Parent of an elementary aged child)

“Our daughter, Anna, began using Academic All Star Tutoring for math in the middle of 8th grade. She loved her tutor and she maintained an A/B average the rest of the school year. She looked forward to the days she would meet with her tutor. She also scored in the meets the standard or above on the Math Map testing for the school district. Anna’s tutor from last year wasn’t able to work with her this year and at first we felt disappointed. But her replacement tutor for this school year is also fabulous and Anna loves her also. . ”

– Peggy P. (Parent of a high school freshman)

“Academic All Star Tutoring helped my son pass high school geometry. The one-on-one time with his tutor helped give him the confidence and knowledge needed to excel. Molly Perry, the director, was a pleasure to work with and very helpful and understanding with our needs. I would highly recommend Academic All Star Tutoring.”

– Sharon J. (Parent of a high school sophomore)

“My tutor, Daniel is patient and helpful, but I like him best because he doesn’t make me feel as if I’m not smart, when I don’t understand something,” is a direct quote from our daughter. As a parent the confidence building and positive support from her tutor has been greatly appreciated! I would recommend Academic All Star Tutoring to anyone with enthusiasm and without hesitation.”

– Parent of senior at Wayzata High School

“We have been using Academic All Star since my son was in 7th grade and he is in 10th grade now. For 9th and 10th grade we have had Stephanie for his math tutor. She is a wonderful tutor and has really helped him. She is also very nice, professional and flexible. We feel very fortunate to have met Molly and that she could place my son with the right tutor. I would recommend Academic All Star Tutoring to anyone that has a child that is facing challenges with school work.”

– Parent of a Big Lake Student
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