Why prep?

Why Prep?

ACT is no longer just an achievement test

ACT Information

The ACT is no longer just an achievement test, but has evolved into an intense competition for scholarship dollars and college admissions. To earn superior ACT scores students must utilize training and coaching that are specifically focused on providing them the tools to excel.

The ACT is a college entrance exam that measures students’ skills in four core subjects: English, math, reading, and science. The ACT also offers an optional writing test. Your score on the ACT is presented during college application, along with high school transcripts and application essays. It is also used to apply for merit scholarships. The primary reason the ACT is so widely used among college admissions departments is because it is objective and standardized. Your high school GPA tells of your success in your high school; your essay reveals a bit about who you are. These are two important factors in admissions decisions. What the ACT shows them, in addition, is your skill compared with all other ACT takers, across the world and across time. The reliability offered by this score is important when sorting through thousands of applicants.

For similar reasons, ACT scores are helpful in awarding scholarships. Many colleges offer automatic tuition scholarships based on either ACT score alone, or your combined high school GPA and ACT score. Because these can be significant awards, many students are motivated to reach the highest score they can. ACT prep classes and private tutoring are a smart investment in time and money, especially when a higher score brings down the cost of tuition.

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